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This page contains information on Special Agent Crest"s experience with human senior citizens.

Ma and Pa Cleaver were in separate locations today, as is common Monday through Friday. Ma was at the couples' daughter's home assisting with house work and child care. Pa went to a Job Fair in West Columbia until noon, then spent the rest of the day in what appeared to be job-hunting.

Ma spent a great deal of time picking up airgun bullets in the media room and came home with a headache.

Pa spent a hour waiting in line at the Job Fair. Once inside, a huge crowd made movement difficult. Pa chatted with a few prospective employers.

I employed our bilocation function to cover both of them, one of only two technological tools left operational after passing through an gaseous anomaly in the Time-Space Constipation at FTL speed between galaxies. The other hi-tech is our stun weapons. I personally prefer the pistol. It's small enough to hide in the wings of my cloned body.

The Cleaver's activities continue to show no connection to the supposedly confirmed contact they (or at least Oliver) had with the Orb clones in the Florida Keys during their youth in the late 1950s. For more on that, read the information on the Orb History page.